Frorrow - No sorrow to borrow

Do your friends have all of your tools and will never give them back to you? 'Last round' was on you way to often? Discussions of 'who-paid-what-and-when' with your girlfriend are your daily routine?

It's time to frorrow all of them!

Create your first Frorrow now and get yourself rid of reminding them over and over again!

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Borrow a friend something you want to get back

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See your friend confirming, because you were nice

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Confirm, that you got your stuff back or agree for a compromise

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No inconvenient moments or recurring reminding. Just stay friends!

Why this app?

The romanticist

Me and my girlfriend are friends - what a surprise. As a result we deeply trust eachother. But it also leads to many 'i-pay-this' situations in our daily life. We tried to manage this with Google Docs Sheets for years. Then I remembered that I am a developer, so I created this site!

The drinker

Nico, Timo and I are friends. Nico works is an administrator. We are developers. We drink from time to time. I'm quite sure, that we offset two beer against one bottle of gin at some point in the past. But maybe we also did that for two beer, a Wiener Schnitzel and three cans of Monster Energy. As the feeling of doing something wrong grows, we need a solution.

Andre Biel